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Truth is, ElevateExecs is not for you if you're looking for an average or traditional resume service.  We're different by design. At our core, ElevateExecs is a premier job search strategy company focused on providing leaders with elite tools needed to land the job they deserve.

This service is designed for leaders who feel confident in their job search strategy, and who want the very best to maximize their job search efforts. 


Most leadership resume services are missing the human touch.  At ElevateExecs, we make it personal - right from the start.


From our first phone call and throughout our 3-step proprietary process, you'll have the opportunity to work 1-on-1 with one of the most recognized job search coaches and resume writers in the country, Kent Lee. His unique approach to integrating personal brand elements into your job search tools, helps you stand out from the competition and get hired up to three times faster.

Why is personal branding so important?

Because it's the number one mistake most leaders make in their job search.


Kent's innovative resume and LinkedIn personal brand strategies have proven to work for top Fortune 500 executives from companies such as Bank of America, American Express, PayPal, Verizon, Charles Schwab, Intel, and more.

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Everyone has access to data, few know how to apply it. Our resume writing and LinkedIn strategies are built using a proprietary data science framework, honed from more than 10,000 data points.

The result is a proven and repeatable process that helps your resume and LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd, positions you as a leader in your industry, and attracts attention from hiring managers and recruiters.

Best of all, Kent will showcase your new resume's craftsmanship directly to you during a 1-on-1 Zoom meeting when your resume is delivered.  

Call Kent today, and experience the ElevateExecs advantage for yourself.

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